Australian Hampers To Send Overseas

Aussie snacks are one of the most iconic experiences remembered by anyone who has lived in Australia for a long time and can instantly cure homesick Aussies by activating their taste buds with memories of home.

Our variety of Australian Snack Hampers come in a range of sizes, so you’re sure to find the best fit for you. Living abroad and missing home?

Treat yourself with some Aussie snacks. We ship everywhere in the world.

Australian Hampers To Send Overseas
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Showing all 40 results

Our Australian Gift Hampers for Overseas Make it Easy

Gifts for Overseas Friends and Relatives

Our overseas hampers are packed with iconic Aussie snacks and make the perfect gift for friends and relatives living abroad. It’s the easiest option for a gift they’re sure to love.

Gift Ideas for Parents Overseas

What parent wouldn’t love a taste of Australian goodies? Our hampers are a beautiful way to remind them of Australia and say, “wish you were here”.

Sending Food Internationally

With seven years of experience, we are the experts at sending Australian food overseas. We know how to get food to the destination country safely and reliably, and we have discounted shipping rates with our couriers, so it’s cheaper to ship with us than doing it yourself.

Sending Gifts to USA and UK from Australia

We send gifts to USA and UK regularly, so we’ve learned exactly how to package our goods to survive the journey, and how to ensure your package makes it through customs.

Why Everyone Loves Our Overseas Gifts

Nostalgic Aussie Gifts to Send Overseas

Nothing reminds you of the good old days like the familiar taste of classic Aussie snacks. Sending hampers overseas from Australia can be a wonderful surprise that’s sure to make them smile.

Unique Gifts

Our Aussie Hampers make great gifts overseas because they’re uniquely Australian, unlike anything available in your recipient’s home country. Don’t stick to the status quo, give them something a little different.

The Best Australian Treats to Send Overseas

We’ve put in the research and curated the most popular Australian treats overseas, including Cadbury Cherry Ripes, Caramello Koalas, Violet Crumbles, Tim Tams, Twisties, Shapes and Cheezels.

Beautiful Aussie Design

Our colourful boxes are beautifully designed with Australian icons that will remind them of home. They are greeted by a fun Koala character and an exciting box which opens to reveal a stunning display of brightly coloured treats.

Common Questions about Sending Gifts Overseas from Australia

Can I Send Chocolate to USA from Australia?

Yes! You can buy Chocolate Hampers here on the Snack Box Hampers website, and we’ll organise the overseas delivery for you.

Can You Send Packaged Food Overseas?

You can send packaged food overseas, you just need to be careful of the food restrictions with customs in the recipient country, and shipping can be expensive. Otherwise, you can send food overseas cheaply and easily by ordering it here on our website.

How Can I Send Snacks Overseas?

The easiest way to send Aussie snacks overseas is to order them here on our website, and we’ll handle the packaging and delivery through customs, with cheaper shipping than is available to the public.

Can I Send Australian Hampers to the UK?

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for our hampers, we ship there all the time.