Lolly Gift Box Hampers

Send a lolly box, a bright and colourful explosion of Australia’s favourite candy and sweets presented in a beautiful box, delivered anywhere in the world.

These hampers are great for anyone and any occasion – as a gift box for him or her, or as a lolly grazing box for parties.

With crowd favourites such as Allen’s Lollies and Wizz Fizz, they’re sure to be a hit. Get a gift pack full of lollies today for all your gifting and entertaining needs.

We make gift giving easy with free delivery Australia wide*.

Lolly Gift Box Hamper
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What’s in a Lolly Box?

Allen’s Lollies

Allen’s has been one of Australia’s most trusted confectionery brands since 1891. With such favourites as Snakes, Minties, and Strawberries and Cream, these lollies are always the first to go at parties. Grab a handful before they’re all gone!

Wizz Fizz

The most iconic sherbet in Australia, Wizz Fizz has been a standard element of any Aussie party since 1947. With bright and colourful packaging, it brings an extra dazzle factor to all our lolly boxes.

Fruit Tingles

Yummy, colourful, and tangy, Lifesavers Fruit Tingles are always a good addition to any lolly hamper. Along with Lifesavers Musk, these are some of Australia’s most recognisable hard candies, and always a favourite in any crowd.

Skittles and Zappo

Known and loved almost universally, Skittles bring a rainbow of colours and flavours to our lolly hampers. Zappos bring a sour grape punch to the table, the nostalgic tangy fruity chew we all loved as kids.

Why Everyone Loves a Lolly Hamper Box

Beautiful Lolly Gift Boxes for Australia and Abroad

Our lollies are carefully arranged and presented in a beautifully designed box to ensure an exciting and mouth-watering experience as the recipient discovers the treats within. Our box is designed to recall memories of good times Australia, ideal both for sending gifts overseas and awakening nostalgia in Aussies at home.

Lolly Grazing Boxes for hosting

A lolly grazing platter is essential for any good party, and our lolly boxes are the perfect party solution. Grab one for a wonderful assortment of sweets that has something for everyone.

Most Trusted and Loved Lolly Brands

We’ve done heaps of research to find Australia’s favourite and most iconic sweets, so you can be sure you’re getting nothing but the best. Australia’s most loved lolly brands are Allen’s, Lifesavers, Wizz Fizz, Skittles, and the Natural Confectionery Co.

Fast, Reliable Lolly Box Delivery

We are experts in shipping across Australia and worldwide, with more than 7 years’ experience in hamper delivery, so we know how to make sure your treats will arrive in one piece. We have a good relationship with our couriers and receive cheaper shipping prices than is available to the public – savings that we pass straight on to you.

Common Questions About Lolly Boxes

How do I make a lolly box?

Start by picking an assortment of lollies that’ll blow them away – the more variety the better. Have a look at our lolly boxes for inspiration on which to choose. Then, arrange them in a colourful bouquet in a beautiful gift box they’ll love opening. If you’re shipping it a long distance, consider using a thicker box and packaging materials to protect against damage.

Which lollies are gluten free?

Unfortunately, many lollies are not gluten free. This is because of the use of wheat glucose syrup and wheat thickeners. Ingredient lists change suddenly and often, so you should research each product before you buy to make sure it is still gluten free. At the time of writing this, Minties, Fantales, Sherbies, and Wizz Fizz are all great gluten free options, as well as some of the Allen’s Mini Chocolate lollies range.

Can you gift wrap a lolly box?

All of our lolly hampers are designed with gifting in mind, packaged in a colourful and exciting box designed to build anticipation even better than gift wrap can. We won’t let them know who sent the box and no receipt will be included.

Can I personalise my lolly box?

Yes, you can include a personalised message and photo at checkout, free of charge. No gift is fully complete without a heartfelt message.